Sunday, February 28, 2010

ranting around

LET'S JUST FACE IT. MARCH IS COMING SOON. Oh, it's tomorrow. For those my year, you know what that means..LAHH. SPM results! When's the official date again? 11th or 16th? Or 9th?

*please don't kill me for reminding you guys*

And for those who seek some sort of immediate solution to release stress, then I suggest you should follow the instructions carefully as stated in the picture below :

Haha. Pinjam sikit Johannan.

So where was I? Ah, results. And after that comes? Scholarships. Interviews. Speaking of scholarships...


You know how annoying it is when the so called "rich guy/gal" in your class ( or anyone you know) starts to post stuff on his/her Facebook/Twitter/Blogger so sweetly and innocently enquiring "Hey, I was wondering how do I apply for scholarships?? Oh what should I write on my CV ?" OK, don't get me wrong, I don't really oppose them in this sense. But I believe some of you might understand what I'm really trying to say here.

Please lah! With your parents so fully loaded and berada, when your family can go flying here and there around the world without so much of a budget, when you can afford luxurious items - Nike, Adidas, Tropicana, Whateverla , when your parents can afford to buy BMW's and Mercedes and Porsches, when your parents can afford to build mansions and palaces on hills, when you can act as though you're some sort of star with some superiority and airs and all those kind of crap you get from bloody-rich-kids-who-think-their-so-high-and-mighty! Have you ever thought of giving some other less loaded people a chance?

And don't start saying that " You have to family velly velly big. My parents cannot support all of them" or something like "It still doesn't mean you don't need to save".
Yeah, right. Cannot support? Need to save? Think again.

To some people, please don't get offended at what I've just posted here. It's just my opinion. And I'm not really against you guys. Some are really nice and humble. To any observant reader, my post title is " ranting around " , get it? It's not that I'm gung-ho setting up an opposition party voicing out my views in the Parliment.

I already sense some hostility. Hehe =)


Where was I again? Ah yes, interviews. Interviews. Oh no. I remembered on the last day of SPM I said I would find my interest so that I can prepare myself for these - interviews. And there goes the habit of..........delaying. Delay up to now. Walau! What to do man.
To be fair, I did some research. Tried out some personality tests. Brigg Meyers test. Or whatever way you spelled it. But honestly up till today, I still can't really find out my interests. Sometimes the hardest, most difficult, paling susah problem is to understand yourself. Terrible la. Which brings us to -----------HOW ON EARTH AM I TO BE INTERVIEWED IF I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO?? I don't even know whether I'll be selected for interviews. D=


Sunshine, won't you be my mother
Sunshine, come and help me sing
My heart is darker than these oceans
My heart is frozen underneath

We are crooked souls trying to stay up straight,
Dry eyes in the pouring rain
The shadow proves the sunshine
The shadow proves the sunshine


Thursday, February 25, 2010


Wah lauh eh! Already 25 Feb?? How time flies! Oh blame it all on chinese new year. When you're in a festive mood, time just does not matter. And with a blink of an eye, fuuuuuuuuush there goes one week of holiday. (oops I forgot, everyday is holiday =D )
I'm such a useless person, doing nothing productive at home. When people work, I sleep. When people study, I play. ( I guess that's why I rock! )

Chinese New Year was so, oh wait for it... just a littleee ...wait-for-it...du...dull. Funny how as the years pass by, there's always a fraction less of the excitement than the year before. Well here's a summary of what I did during CNY week.
  • Day 1 - Meeting up with relatives from dad and mum's side. It's all shouting and screaming in Tanjung Kling, but in KL, everything seems quieter. I went swimming, finally! And not to forget ending the night with a dose of C&C at my bro's place :)
  • Day 2 - Still in KL. Woke up quite late. Another dose of C&C. Wasted time in Mid Valley walking-around-doing-nothing but end up with a nice dose of Starbucks. Went over to Daniel's place again, this time promising that we would exercise but.......again another dose of C&C. Sigh.
  • Day 3 - Back home! Had to tidy the house a bit. Got a visit from Tracy and Dawn. In the end Dawn handed me a whole stack of thick books which I won't elaborate on.
  • Day 4 - Visit Su Faye. Met up with STSD friends. Wei Sheng! Still the same old, same old. A bit boring dy la.
  • Day 5 - Another visit to Desmond's house. Catching up with friends bla-bla-bla.
  • Day 6, 7, 8.......... - Let's just stop here.
So that's CNY for 2010! Applause everyone! *** A moment of syok sendiri ***


Missing you guys from STEPUP weyh! Already a month since we parted, hmm I wonder whether I'm still remembered. No, no when I meet you guys I expect a king's welcome.
*** Another moment of syok sendiri ***


You know that something is wrong when
1) the PM is so gung-ho about 1Malaysia and tolerance-acceptance-unity-equality.....the list goes on.. when suddenly at a 1Malaysia conference the PM's aide starts saying "Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese woman as prostitutes"

2) after the High court ruled that the A word can be used by The Herald, people start protesting in the streets and the PM says we can do nothing about it.

3) the Federal Court ruled that Zambry is the legitimate MB for Perak, the PM says 'respect the court decision'. (Relate this to no. 2)

4) a professional consultancy which publish reports on risk ratings of countries around Asia says that Bolehland is veering towards instability and the DPM says that ' it's rubbish'.

....and the list goes on...

Yet let us continually pray for the nation despite all the happenings around us seems incline towards the -ve side.



BTW, is there any place in Melaka that I can go mountain biking ??